A Fifties Anti-Perversion Film

Often quite humorous film which purports to speak about cultural mores and their decline; advises us to be wary of pornography which may appear at the local newstand, malt shop or drugstore. In reaction to perception of substantial growth in the distribution of pornographic material. Homosexuality is considered pornographic per se.Shows frank images often with censoring black bars across them [the bars often obscure very little, simply adding to the air of licentious ness]. “For the sake of decency in this film we have partially covered the pictures and disguised the identity of the models.” Excellent footage of magazine covers. Striking art cards like the octopus shown as the symbol of pornography and its mass distribution.Four kinds of magazines shown: girlie, nudist, physique; men’s adventure. And cheap paperback exploitation novels.

Hesiod’s Warning to Judges & Legislators (on Larry Benn’s excellent site)

Hesiod, Works & Days, 213-224 O Perses, hear what is the right way and do not add to the sum of its violations. action contrary to right is always bad for an ignoble man, but even a good man can’t readily bear it: it mixes with madness and the burden crushes him. the better path […]

Hesiod’s Warning to Judges & Legislators