British Anti-Semitists (3): C. G. Grey, the “Anti-Japhetist”

C. G. Grey was co-founder and editor from 1911 to 1939 of an aeronautical magazine, The Aeroplane, which he used as a platform to broadcast his support for the fascist regimes of Mussolini and Hitler. He can fairly be described as an early modern example of that peculiarly British malaise, the “some of my best friends are Jews, but…” way of thinking. Given that Grey’s co-founder of The Aeroplane was Sir Victor Sassoon, a Sephardic Jew, Grey’s views may at first sight seem surprising – until one considers that he took care to define with some precision the particular Jews who, he thought, posed the greatest threat. He was, he claimed, “pro-Semitic”, and pro-Sephardic – perfectly prepared to acknowledge that the “Israelitish Jews” had done “much good work in Germany as in England”. However, whilst maintaining a “pro-Semitic” position, he was always at pains to stress that he was staunchly “anti-Japhetic”. By this he meant that he was against the Jews he saw as the real menace, the Tartars and the Ashkenazim, descendants of Japheth, immediately distinguishable “in the Mile End Road” by “their broad, flat noses, their coarse lips, their high cheek-bones”. Obviously Sir Victor, an epicene character whose people were from Baghdad, did not fall into this category.

Grey had a theory, set forth in The Aeroplane, that the Welsh gene pool had somehow become contaminated by the Japhetic strain:

“Fifteen years ago or thereabouts I happened to meet one of the most Communistic of the Welsh Miners’ leaders. He had a Welsh name and spoke with a most pronounced Welsh accent, but he was one of the finest specimens of Tartar Jew I have ever seen in my life. And you will find hundreds of them in the Welsh coalfields … They are the people who stir up Bolshevism among the miners. If we had a Government which would do scientifically on a proper ethnological basis what Adolf Hitler is doing rather clumsily and unscientifically in Germany, we should practically stamp Communism out of this country without ever touching a white man, or a Semitic Jew.” Grey seemed to assume that Hitler and “my friend Capt. von Goering” shared his pro-Semitic views, and warned them, in his Aeroplane editorial, that they might encounter difficulties distinguishing between Sephardic and Japhetic Jews, “because many Ashkenazim have made money, and are so mixed up with the Sephardim that Jewish influence with the Press might block the spread of such news.”

In addition to his anti-Japhetic ideas, Grey also had a theory that British Jewry would ultimately be the architect of its own downfall. He clearly sets this out in a letter to his friend Billy Luttman-Johnson, a leading right-wing figure of the day:

Fanatics like our friend Richard Findlay and my friend George Pitt-Rivers (do you know him?) will always see Jewish influence behind any policy which does not involve an all-in pogrom. They can never quite see that there is a difference between “Out with the Jews” and “Down with the Jews”. I like the old Saxon war-cry “Out! Out!” It is better than the French “A bas” The Saxon idea does at any rate give the other chap a chance of getting out of the way. [Fuller] wrote a splendid book on the Abyssinian War and spoilt its effect by planting a rabidly anti-Jew chapter in the middle of it. If he had kept it for the end people would by then have been convinced of his soundness and foresight. Yes, Russia does seem to have got rid of the Jew influence. That possibly accounts for the new Greta Garbo film “Ninotchka”, which is the most blatant piece of anti-Communist propaganda ever produced on the screen. Which is funny when you consider all the Left Wing propaganda that has been preached in the movies for the past ten years. I suppose the rich Jews are beginning to see that Communism may be a worse danger to them than to anybody else, if it is not run by Jews.

Anyhow whatever they do and whatever we do the people will settle their hash for them sooner or later. Right through history they have always done the same fool trick. They have acquired wealth and then they have become cocky. Then the people have outed them.

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