Take Lessons in British English Pronunciation (and more)

I give a short and entertaining 5 hour course on British English Pronunciation. See below for details. This works best as a one-to-one course but I can also adapt it to suit small groups of up to three or four pupils.

English Pronunciation

Duration: 5 x 1 hour lessons by Zoom or Skype.

Fees: 125 euros

Content: Lesson 1: The pupil reads two selected passages of prose and gives a brief presentation on their work, family and interests. I take notes and identify problems and challenges that require work. Lessons 2-5: Stimulating pronunciation drills and exercises specifically designed for the pupil, along with role play, presentation skills and general conversation.

The course is ideal for students with an intermediate to advanced knowledge of English who wish to gain confidence in the language and develop their pronunciation skills. To book the course, email me at scholartext@gmail.com.

I also give informal lessons on various aspects of English literature and language and Art History. I can help plan, edit and/or finish dissertations and theses. I have experience in drafting and/or proofreading a wide range of documents from simple CVs to entire websites. If any of these are of interest, please contact me: scholartext@gmail.com

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