STOP the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, 21-30 June 2021.

Fried Fido, Roast Rover and Labrador with Lychees are the orders of the day at the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China, which continues to be held annually during the summer solstice, despite sustained protest from both Chinese and international animal rights activists. Every year a tsunami of Chihuahua-chomping Chinamen descends on Guangxi province for the festival, where it is estimated that over 100,000 dogs are slaughtered, among them family pets stolen from their owners. Nearly 5 million people have signed a petition against the Yulin atrocities – sign it now at The festival’s wiki entry gives a succinct overview of the disgraceful event, and lists the numerous action groups that oppose it and that would welcome our support. Further information is available at the SPCA International website.

6 thoughts on “STOP the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, 21-30 June 2021.

  1. It’s up to the chinese government to make a law which will stop this barbaric practice so called ‘our culture’, but unfortunately it seems that they care more of money, power, greed, etc. Like that saying, beside other values a country has it is also the way you treat your animals. It makes you sick to see that we share our beautiful planet with people like those who in the 21th century eat dogs and cats.


  2. Stop đŸ›‘ this horrible killing and torture of mans best friend please save them or make it illegal. Save The Dogs


  3. if the world is against it they should be agree thanks to all the chinese citizens if they were not there we wouldn’t be able to know


  4. Using that picture with the caption is super racist and not helpful. I think the big issue here is the torturing of the dogs / taking of pets and not so much the fact that they are eating them. We eat all sorts of animals everyday.


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