An anti-women Masonic drinking song

From The echo; or, Columbian songster, : Being a large collection of the most celebrated, modern poetical writings, of different authors, by Ebenezer Merriam (1777-1858). Funny thing – I didn’t know whether there were women freemasons these days or not, so I asked a friend. She didn’t know either, but said, rather acidly, “No woman would be so damned stupid…” However, I since discover that The Order of Women Freemasons is the oldest and largest Masonic organisation for women and works on the lines of regular male Freemasonry. It was constituted as the Grand Lodge of the Honourable Order of Ancient Masonry in 1908 and adopted the title “The Order of Women Freemasons” in 1958. Below, the thoroughly jolly-looking Grandmaster Zuzanka Penn.

The ladies claim right to come into our light,

Since the apron they say is their bearing. 

Can they subject their will? can they keep their tongues still? 

And let talking be chang’d into hearing? 

This difficult talk is the least we can ask,

To secure us on sundry occasions.

When with this they comply Our utmost we’ll try, 

To raise lodges of lady free masons. 

Till this can be done must each brother be mumm, 

Tho’ the fair one should wheedle or teaze on, 

Be just true and think, but still bear in mind, 

At all times that you are a free mason.

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