The Art of Kissing

More enthralling bibliography from one of my favourite websites,, “a growing archive of weird and wonderful visual ephemera from around the world” and, in the words of David Pearson, “Quite possibly the richest source of book-related design and illustration in the universe. Will displays the fervour of the most dedicated historian whilst time and again proving he has an eye for exceptional images.”

The Art of Kissing by Hugh Morris, 1936; 45 pages; includes: “How to Kiss Girls with Different Sizes of Mouth”; the “French ‘Soul’ Kiss”; the “‘Vacuum’ Kiss”; the “‘Spiritual’ Kiss”; and “Electric Kissing Parties.” A veritable bible of osculation – “the exquisite, ineffable epitome of unalloyed bliss” – this indispensable primer offers explicit counseling: ‘Then, with a series of little nips, bring your lips around from the nape of her neck to the curving swerve of her jaw, close to the ear. Gently kiss the lobe of her ear. But be sure to return to the tender softness of her jaw. From then on, the way should be clear to you. Nuzzle your lips along the soft, downy expanse until you reach the corner of her lips. You will know when this happens because, suddenly, you will feel a strange stiffening of her shoulders under your arm. Kiss her! Kiss her as though, at that moment, nothing else exists in the world. Kiss her as though your entire life is wrapped up into the period of the kiss. Kiss her!”

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