What Precepts the Jewish Women are bound to observe

From: The history of the rites, customes, and manner of life, of the present Jews, throughout the world. Written in Italian, by Leo Modena, a rabbine of Venice. Translated into English, by Edmund Chilmead, Mr. of Arts, and chaplain of Christ-Church Oxon. Modena, Leone, 1571-1648., Chilmead, Edmund, 1610-1654.

1. The Jewish Women are prohibited all things, whatsoever the men are, by virtue of the Negative Precepts: but as concerning the Affirmative, the Rabbins have determined, that the women are not bound to the Observance of any of all those, that have any Prefixt Time upon them: and the Reason they give of this, is, the Weaknesse, and Imbecility of their Sexe; and also the Obedience they owe to their Husbands, and the Necessity of their being employed in this Duty, of doing them service.

2. And therefore there are onely There Precepts, which they are particularly enjoyned to observe. The first is, to keep themselves with all diligence from their Husbands company, during the time of their Monethly Flux, till they are in a condition to wash themselves: as hath formerly been said, Par. 4. cap. 5. The second is, to take forth a Cake out of their dough, when they make any bread: which cake was heretofore to be given to the Priest, as an Offering; as hath been said, Par. 2. Cap. 7. The third, and last, is, to set up•n Light in the house every Friday night, on the Eve of the Sabbath: as hath been declared formerly, Par. 3. Cap. 1.

3. Notwithstanding there are many women among them, that are much more devout, and pious, then the men; and who not onely endeavour to bring up their children in all manner of Vertuous Education; but are a means also of restraining their husbands from their Vitious Courses, they would otherwise take, and of inclining them to a more Godly way of Life.

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