I fidgetted to get him gone… Rimbaud and Verlaine in London

Here are some adverts for French Tuition and other services, offered by Verlaine and Rimbaud when they were trying to earn extra cash during a stay in London

“Leçons de Français, en français—perfection, finesses—par deux Gentlemen parisiens.—Verlaine, 8, Great College-street, Camden Town.” 

A French Gentleman (25), most respectably connected, of superior education, possessing a French diploma, thorough English, and extensive general knowledge, wishes EMPLOYMENT as PRIVATE SECRETARY, Travelling Companion or Tutor. Excellent references. Address A. R., 25 Langham-street, W.

And here are some “Key English Words and Phrases” compiled by the two poets during their London. They are a poem in themselves.

I fidgetted to get him gone 

I will work it in somehow 

to feel after (to seek to find) 

to distrain (to seize for debt)

How does the account stand between us? 

No man’s face is actionable 

The mind cannot advert to two things at once


forcible entry 

too late for this issue 




a romping girl

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