More cruelty to animals at Togni’s Venice Circus

Here again is the 8mm film of the Togni Circus in Venice, July 26, 1954. Please repost or otherwise distribute if you can. I’ve also included some stills from the film – the elephants weren’t the only victims. Above, a gap-toothed circus hick “playing” with two lion cubs; below, a lion cub alone, tethered to a bench by its paw. Finally, chimpanzee. Watch the footage and you will see him desperately rocking to and fro, a symptom of extreme anxiety and distress. The point is that this still goes on today. Much legislation is yet needed to ban the use of animals in circuses once and for all. Please repost or retweet.

One thought on “More cruelty to animals at Togni’s Venice Circus

  1. It is horrific and should be stopped but who has the power to do so?
    I don’t have any social platform, just my blog. I don’t know if you ever read it ( except for Paganini ) but it is designed to provide a series of facts on sciences.

    People, who like you are well connected could perhaps,. find someone in the UN or in Venice. The Italian newspapers?

    Thank you for writing about such a dreadful practice



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