One-Sixers: Writing the Capitol Insurrection Roll of Shame

One-Six is now right down there with Nine-Eleven as one of the lowest points in American history. A One-Sixer is someone who participated in or otherwise supported this January’s Capitol Insurrection. One-Sixers fall broadly into four categories.

  1. Trump, and the mob who stormed the Capitol at his instigation.
  2. Senators who signalled their approval of or indifference to the Insurrection by voting against the second Trump Impeachment.
  3. All others in public office who maintain their allegiance to Trump, whether out of self-interested concern for their re-election chances or an erroneous belief that the impeachment is unconstitutional.
  4. Any American of voting age who is sufficiently unAmerican to maintain their allegiance to Trump and/or condone the Capitol Insurrection.

Whatever the outcome of the impeachment trial, one hopes that the names of the instigators, perpetrators and supporters will be resolutely recorded for posterity. Exegi monumentum aere perennius, as one might say.

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